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Razor - Juillet 2005

Voici une interview en anglais de Katherine pour le magazine Razor

The Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica is a sanctuary for the jet set: Bikini‑clad beauties, exhausted from swiping daddy's credit card, sip mojitos poolside, baby oil glistening from their pilates‑sculpted stomachs. Their Von Dutch hat‑wearing boyfriends sunbath next to them, pretending to work (e.g.: read scripts) while they take "very important" calls on their cell phones. Ah, the good life. They're too busy looking and acting fabulous to care about what's going on around them ‑ that is, until she walks in.

She is not like them. No cell phone attached to her ear. No furious typing on her blackberry. No big black sunglasses to hide behind. She enters the pool area, an outdoor conclave of trendy white chaise lounges and poolside cabanas (LA's version of the Garden of Eden). Even wearing a layered tank top, a flowy, knee‑length skirt and flip flops, she somehow has more allure than her half‑naked counterparts. She glides through the sea of sparkling wannabes to her poolside cabana, where her Bloody Mary awaits in anticipation.

At first the crowd pretends not to notice her, but that doesn't last long. She's too intoxicating. One guy even flips open his cell phone, points it in her direction and snaps a shot when no one's looking. He knows it's tacky, but he can't help it. She's beautiful.

How beautiful, you ask? That's a tough one. She's got the tousled locks of Daryl Hannah circa Splash, the statuesque silhouette of Bo Derek in 10 and, best of all, the innocent/wanton smile of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. Even her feet are good.

But that's not all. She's also got a personality... and a sense of humor. A true triple threat.

You recognize her from that show, Grey's Anatomy. She plays the "pretty" surgical resident, Izzy. You like her character. Since you've got your laptop in front of you, you type her name into According to her bio she was raised in Connecticut and became a model at age nine after her aunt sent in her photos to an agency. Then came the big screen: That Night (1992) with Juliette Lewis, Steven Soderbergh's King of the Hill (1993), and her first starring role as Gérard Dépardieu's daughter in My Father the Hero (1994). You remember her best from Under Siege 2 (1995), Bride of Chucky (1998) and TV's Roswell. And in October she'll star in the The Ringer alongside Johnny Knoxville.

Bloody Mary almost sucked dry, Katherine looks at her watch. The pool crowd, still keeping tabs on her, look up from their copies of US Weekly when a overly dressed woman enters the scene. She's carrying a tape recorder, a pen and paper, so you figure she's there to do an interview.

They start chatting about growing up in Connecticut, Katherine’s transition into acting, her big break. You’re about to lose interest... then you hear the words “Angelina Jolie.”

"At the same time as Under Siege 2, I had another offer on a film called Hackers," says Katherine "Yeah, Angelina - and it was for that role. My agency basically committed me to Under Siege before I had a chance to make a decision. I really wanted to do Hackers so I was super disappointed, but Under Siege ended up being another amazing experience."

You wonder if Angelina thanked Katherine.

The interviewer asks her about Steven Seagal...

"He's larger then life, not only metaphorically speaking, but physically. His hands were twice the size of my own."

...And the working environment, was it normal?

"No, it was never normal, but it wasn't horrible. I guess at the time he was running into some death threats and stalkers, so it was a locked down set. We all had to wear badges saying who we were and what our job was. He had bodyguards taking him to and from his trailer every day. It was pretty intense on that level, but he was always cool with me and fun. I used to tease him a lot and make fun of his aikido moves. He always laughed, he never took it to seriously."

You think Katherine's being polite. You've heard that Segal's a real asshole.

So out of Segal, Chucky and Johnny Knoxville, who is the zaniest to work with?

Your bet is on Chucky. What could be more twisted then a twisted puppet?

"Definitely Johnny Knoxville. Hands down," laughs Katherine. "He's the kind of guy who will pull pranks on anyone, whether you're the director or crew member or an extra. One day he took a cattle prod and was going to the producers' private area and actually hit him in the thigh and shocked him. The producer laughed after he screamed, and you're sitting there going: Where does the guy get a cattle prod? And how does he get the courage to so that to someone?"

You want to ask about Johnny and Jessica Simpson - are the rumors true? Did she ever visit him on the set? But the interviewer (obviously not from the tabloids) changes the subject. She wants to know about the transitioning from film to TV.

"I’ve realized that it’s no longer taboo to do TV and film," says Katherine "You can do both. For me it’s all about the project, about who I’ll be working with, about the quality of writing, about the people behind it. It’s no longer about being scared about venturing into something that isn’t as cool as film."

What was the one thing that really sold her on Grey’s Anatomy?

Katherine pauses thoughtfully before answering. "For me it was probably the idea that I would have this opportunity to play a young woman who is not a girlfriend, not a sister, not a daughter, not some random love interest or some bitchy cheerleader, but a surgeon. To play a woman with true intelligence and talent and ambition. There’s the model thing, but I thought that was just am interesting character sideline."

Yes, there is the model thing. And that scene where she strips down to her Hello Kitty skivvies to prove to her chauvinist co-star that a body is just a body. Nothing more. You got the point and were amply impressed with her assets, both her acting chops (that scene took balls) and her 34DDs.

The interviewer asks about FHM, in particular the November 2004 cover story. Having read it, the interviewer doesn’t think it really matched Katherine’s demure personality.

"I feel like with those men’s magazines you have a couple options: One of them is to say, No comment, no comment, no comment, I won’t talk about my sex life; the other is to be honest, which I wasn’t going to do; and the other is to joke around, kind of make it fun. So I was being immensely sarcastic, just playing and having a good time, and not realizing sarcasm doesn’t come through so well in a written interview."

"I had people calling me up going, 'Are you serious, you really use handcuffs?' and I’m like 'Come on, even if I did I’m not going to tell them.' And secondly, no, I was completely joking. But the guy I was dating at the time was pretty happy about it. It made him look good (laughs).

And is she seeing anyone special now...

"I’m single now and dating and having a good time. I tend to date a lot of actors. Those are the people I see, those are the people I work with, those are the people I end up meeting. And everyone keeps saying, Don’t date an actor, date someone else, and I’m like Why, what’s so bad about actors? I haven’t had a bad experience, so I don’t have a rule. I suppose if I did I might say, Okay, I’m calling off actors, but I think actors are great. I love 'em."

She talks about actors she respects, mentioning Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts and the mean girl from Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams. And what about actresses she doesn’t respect? "I’ll try to say this as politically correct as possible," Katherine says, "but you can be famous for doing nothing nowadays."

The reporter coughs the name Paris Hilton and you laugh. Katherine does too.

"Behind the facade of Paris Hilton, I believe there is some intelligence going on. But I would like to believe that I have some creative instincts, and it’s something that I continue to work on because I don’t want to take it for granted and I don’t want to get lazy and I don’t want to just be famous."

You silently applaud. So does it piss her off when someone like Paris Hilton gets a part over her?

"It does piss me off, it’s really frustrating," says Katherine. "You sit there and think, My God, I’m working so hard to get somewhere and to be taken seriously and apparently all I needed was to be born into a famous, rich family. It can get frustrating, but at the same time I would probably take full advantage of it as well if I was in the same position. So I can’t really blame her for taking those offers or using what she’s got to get somewhere; I can blame our society for making that so important."

And like Paris and her rich kid clique, is she part of the LA scene?

"No," she says laughing. "When I first moved out here, I didn’t know anybody, so there was no opportunity to be a part of it. This last year, working on the show, there have been more opportunities to go out and hang with people, but we keep it mellow - which I love. We literally just go to a local bad right around the corner from work, have a couple drinks together, chill out then go home."

You want to give her a high five. Take her out for beer and wings. But there’s still one thing bugging you - her risqué pictorial in FHM. The interviewer must be reading your mind, because she asks about that.

"It just feels like an act. It feels like I’m playing dress up and being someone else for a day. I know everybody says that- Oh well, I don’t wake up this way or You should see what I look like in the morning and I know it’s such a clichéd thing to say, but because I live in this body everyday I can’t reconcile the two images. And I’m a girl in sweat pants more often than I’m a girl in a hot bathing suit. So for me it’s just play, it’s an act.

Aside from that, I’m grateful people think I’m beautiful or think I’m sexy, and I suppose it’s better than the alternative, but I do try to fight it a bit so it’s not all people see me as. And I’d love to one day be in a position where I could choose a role to showcase my creativity versus just my bra size."

You feel guilty for noticing her boobs....and for eavesdropping. You want to tell her she’s done it, Grey’s Anatomy is the ticket, not her double-Ds. But it’s too late. The interview is over. They thank each other and say their goodbyes. Katherine takes the last sip of her drink, sets it down and walks out pretty much the same way she walked in, with everyone staring at her. Yet she doesn’t seem to notice the leers and ogles and glances. She’s got bigger and better things to worry about.
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